背包客’s Paradox – 游客 vs 游客

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Backpackers Paradox 游客 Vs 游客 Maya Bay Thailand Crowd

“Why do 游客s hate other 游客s?”

我们在缅甸的一座小塔上遇到的缅甸中年男子是一个非常简单的问题。 蒲甘。他只是很好奇,为什么我们问哪个寺庙日落时会没有很多“外国人”。在他看来,我们避免其他人的愿望似乎很疯狂。我试图想出一种方法来向他描述我们的特殊心态,但我仍然很难为他的简单查询提出一个合乎逻辑的答案。

Is it because 游客s ruin culture?

Because 游客s don’t show respect?



可能是所有这些事情(但是在那里’s nothing wrong with Hawaiian shirts). However it seems kind of hypocritical to say I want to avoid 游客s when I am actually a 游客 myself.

游客 vs 游客 –有区别吗?

不幸的是,在背包客世界中,似乎有一个 巨大的以自我为中心的运动 继续。与其他人相比,认为一个人的旅行方式不那么值得。认为如果您的包装超过20升,’错了,或者如果您住在一家酒店,就错过了看到‘real’国家。我们称之为背包客的悖论– being a 游客 or a 游客.


Is there 真实ly a difference? Ask a ‘proper 游客’ 和 they will tell you they are different because they immerse themselves in the culture, eat the local food, catch public transport. Is a 游客 someone who doesn’t do these things? A packaged holiday-maker? Is that what the differentiation comes down to – where you eat?

Backpackers Paradox 游客 vs 游客 Angkor Wat Crowd

If you ask me (and you have, 通过 reading this far), the whole ‘traveller vs 游客” argument is bullshit. What makes someone a better 游客 than someone else? Do experiences not count if you didn’t 穿越战区搭便车 to get to them? Is your Vietnamese noodle dish less delicious because you paid $10 for it instead of the $0.50 I paid? Does sleeping on the dirt floor of a Namibian family’s mud shack make you more extreme than the humble 游客 who paid for a comfortable private room? Or is being a better 游客 simply about listening to the locals 和 the environment?

旅行对不同的人意味着不同的事物。对于某些人来说,全天10天假期是个梦想成真。对于其他人来说,旅行是他们的生活。我属于第二类,但这并不意味着我以正确或错误的方式做事。我知道很多人在 生态上可持续的 在两个星期内为社区做出的贡献和成就要超过某人在两年环球旅行中所取得的成就。

Backpackers Paradox 游客 vs 游客 Mui Ne Sand Dunes
越南美奈的壮观沙丘– tainted 通过 a 游客’s sense of humour.

The only thing I believe is that people need to learn respect 和 courtesy when they travel, 和 think about the consequences of their actions. 它没有’t matter which street food vendor you eat at or which mode of transport you took to get there. If you have a proper understanding of these basic things, it doesn’t matter how long you travel for, how 和 to where. You are already a good 游客.


Backpackers Paradox 游客 vs 游客 Angkor Wat Sunrise
Just because there were thousands of 游客s there didn’不要让吴哥窟的日出变得如此美丽。

当然,当我们中的许多人旅行时,就有逃避人迹罕至的愿望。至 探索地方 以前很少见过。也许这是大多数人(包括我自己)都存在的根深蒂固的探索特质。这就是为什么我们沿着鲜为人知的小路走弯路。我们走的原因之一 徒步旅行 到偏远地区。看看那里是什么,远离群众。

But when we visit an attraction or destination that is known for being a 游客 hotspot, we cannot become jaded about it. 游客 attractions are popular for a reason. If you decided to avoid the Pyramids of Egypt because you don’t like stones piled on top of each other, that is your own personal inclination. If you skipped them because there were too many people there, you may be looking too far into the situation. If you thought Angkor Wat was not worth visiting because other people were visiting it too, you need to spend more time admiring the temples themselves.

To me it is ironic that someone would travel to a 游客 destination 和 then complain that there are 游客s there.

Backpackers Paradox 游客 Vs 游客 Lesh Motorcycle Vietnam Back Road
Lesh 和 her motorcycle on one of the back roads we took in Vietnam. We went 5 days without seeing another foreigner. Is that 真实ly what travel should be about?

Tourism infrastructure has been built to make it easier for us to get around. If you want to avoid 游客s, don’t visit anywhere that has got infrastructure for them: transport, restaurants, hotels, etc. It is quite simple. If you’ve made the choice to visit somewhere that has all these things setup to make your travelling life easier, you cannot complain that other people are taking advantage of this as well.

Want to avoid 游客s? Go to Central Africa. Ride a bicycle across Siberia. Go camping in the Darien Gap. If these places are not your cup of tea, 和 instead you want to visit London, you’re going to have to accept that there will be 游客s.

I met someone who hated the Taj Mahal because it was so packed with people. Did they 真实ly think it wouldn’是吗?他们是否相信自己应该拥有全世界的奇迹之一?

But who cares if there are 游客s there? We are all sharing this beautiful world together. Exploring incredible locations. As a good friend reminded me the other day, we need to keep in mind the ‘one love’ policy. One world, one people, 唯一的爱. 我们很幸运能够旅行,所以当其他人也有这个机会时,我们不应该感到沮丧。

克里斯托弗·麦坎德利斯 笔, “Happiness only 真实 when shared” 在他生命的最后一天中。 这是多么真实。

What is your opinion on the 游客 vs 游客 debate? Leave a comment below 和 let us know!
Backpackers Paradox 游客 Vs 游客 Own Beach



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  1. Nicky_wanderlust_


    我最近和一个告诉我的朋友吵架“I’我从没去过金字塔,照片看起来和现实不一样,我可以’享受那些被亚洲人拍照和非常重要的背包客包围的事物”. I mean, there are behaviors that are annoying or even harmful to some monuments (for example the constant stories about 游客s destroying sites while taking selfies). But you can’t say “I’我永远都不会去参观任何世界奇​​观,因为它将被打包”,这是有原因的’被评为世界奇迹!当然不会’它只存在于你的眼睛里!

    而且无论如何,只要我找到一个地方’m dying to visit is crowded, I do a mental exercise where I ignore everyone around me 和 get inside my own bubble where only I exist in the place, trying to imagine how it was in older times. Or, go to lesser-known monuments from the same era. For example, you can find Khmer temples in the Isaan provinces of Thailand. Mini Angkor Wat experience without the crowds! (witnessing a sunrise in Angkor Wat was magical for me too though, despite the 游客s.. sorry, I meant 游客s! haha)


    A 游客 goes for the destination (and doesn’t care how to get there), a 游客 goes for the journey (and doesn’不在乎他们的结局)。完全不同的心态和后勤,使这两个群体很少混合使用就不足为奇了。


    好文章!我认为只要人们努力走出去看看世界,他们就不应该’不能被判断为‘tourist’ or a ‘traveller’。尽管某些地方完全被超支,但我不得不承认有时会感到沮丧,尽管讽刺绝对不会让我失望。它’s the foreigners that are irresponsible, closed-minded 和 lack any cultural awareness or sensitivity that I like to avoid, particularly in those 游客 hotspots – those types can come in the form of both 游客 和 游客.


    很棒的文章,写得好! Def同意,当美丽的地方拥挤时,这可能会令人沮丧,但是他们’因为这个原因重新拥挤!我们’在旅行中遇到了很多人,他们在一个地方的主要抱怨与他们的旅游程度有关…您是否真的希望您在寂寞星球上读到的那个美丽的地方不会成为!!那本书在世界范围内出版,被成千上万的人买了!我想像你一样’ve提到要尊重他人以及人们在大声喧in时的表现如何&随便便会影响您对该地方的体验…。我喜欢您的观点,即旅行时如何判断他人的旅行方式–每个人都在寻找那种独特,更加极端,人迹罕至的体验。它’发生时很棒,但是’当您可以与其他人谈论某个地方,获得建议或什至在不错的古老TripAdvisor上查看它时,这也很棒!我倾向于将背包视为旅行旅游,并在提及旅游时觉得它很有趣’有点脏话…最终,您的旅行方式取决于您自己,’能够体验其他文化是我的荣幸,所以继续前进并享受它–当然是负责任的。


    很棒的帖子。那里’旅客与旅行者之间要诚实无异。我来这里是因为我目前在日本,所以发现了这个博客,这家旅馆里有这个家伙吹牛,他认为自己不喜欢和人群在一起,他想逃跑并找到躲藏的地方。在这里,我想我想打败那个家伙,或者至少要反对他。它’旅客和旅行者都一样’在意义上没有区别。当我听到旅客/游客对其他人这样口口相传时,我就是讨厌“喜欢避开人群,因为他们需要独自一人,并在当地人中感到与众不同” there’在旅行世界中不需要仇恨和歧视。他甚至说富士山在那里很蠢’人太多了。哦,我’我只是愤怒而燃烧。作为一个为期2年的rtw旅行者/游客,有时我会厌倦这些人。无论您访问何种方式或网站,旅行都很有趣。对每个人都要尊重。这些人需要停止看不起其他旅客/游客。它’真让人难过。一世’我下个月回家旅行,我’我期待找到工作并安顿下来。一世’我不会错过那些肯定会与其他旅行者交谈的人。一世’d宁愿被当地的供应商抢走,也不想听到关于这些仇恨者的另一句话,因为’s what they are.


    “Tourist vs 游客” is bullshit, but “假期与旅行” is legit.


    This is so true! The long term 游客 vs the 游客. We go rounds about this all the time. People do not understand why the 游客 does not buy things…. Well I’m on year two of our RTW where will i put that 1,000 dollar rug? Maybe rolled up on my backpack. (india) Also the 游客 does not think twice if someone rips them off a few bucks. Most of the time they say it’s OK it’s only a few bucks. Where the 游客 it’s the next meal.

      Lesh Jazza NOMADasaurus

      It is a fine line with allowing someone to blatantly rip you off 和 only slightly inflating the prices for a 游客. If we know a piece of fruit costs $1 for a local but they try to charge us $1.25, we never question it. But if they try to charge us $5, well that’当我们说话时。感谢您阅读大卫!


    我是背包客。虽然我不’t disrespect ” TOURISTS”我尽量避免它们。我喜欢平静而安静的地方。但是,是的,我确实同意,比您不应该有的态度更为神圣。

      Lesh Jazza NOMADasaurus

      我们喜欢Arpan镇上安静的地方,因此我们确切地知道您的意思。谢谢阅读 -



      Lesh Jazza NOMADasaurus



    Great post! I agree, travel means different things to different people. People whom I would call 游客s would be those who live in the bubble of their home country 和 carry it around. They expect little villages of Africa to be clean like European cities. They rant about how different things are 和 fail to find a positive outlook.
    To me, a 游客 would take effort in doing his research 和 be open to new experiences…并按原样接受一个地方。
    但是,是的… It’s funny how 游客s want to avoid each other!

      Lesh Jazza NOMADasaurus

      Great points about how some 游客s expect everything to be the same as back in their home country. The idea of travel should be to experience new things!


      Lesh Jazza NOMADasaurus





      Lesh Jazza NOMADasaurus

      非常感谢Kel!旅途愉快 -

    布赖恩– Go for a Wander


      Lesh Jazza NOMADasaurus


    艾丽西亚·哈克(Alicia Haque)

    很棒的帖子在这里!我认为您的比较绝对正确。我们的一个区别’我已经注意到了,说实话’s in ourselves from when we used to do the 游客ic 2-week package holidays to now when we’重新在亚洲背包游(ps。’拥有20公斤的背包绝对没错,但是很多人都觉得’可以告诉我们…we’重新拿一个袋子!)是对您的行为后果的赞赏。

    例如,5年前,我们(可耻地)花钱在苏梅岛看了一次猴子表演,因为我们对这些动物受到的可怕对待并不明智,而我们’t even think about the fact that we were feeding this awful type of 旅游. We went to shows 和 expected a certain level of ‘animal entertainment’而现在我们去庇护所和保护中心。我们最近在婆罗洲度过了很多时间,而我们绝对要登上月球去瞥见野生猩猩。但是,我们旁边的度假者感到失望,因为猩猩没有’教别人做花样,我们做不到’就像在泰国的老虎一样触摸他们。


    Of course, this is a massive generalisation 和 there are many holidaymakers out there who do feed 旅游 in the right way. But I think however you do it, in luxury or on -a budget, the main thing is to have respect for your environment 和 those around you, 和 more importantly to think about the consequences of your actions whilst travelling –无论大小!

      Lesh Jazza NOMADasaurus

      Thanks so much for the awesome comment, Alicia. Learning to appreciate the consequences of your actions makes a massive difference in the way sustainable 旅游 can be carried out. We have seen it all across Southeast Asia, where 游客s start their trip in Thailand, go to Tiger Temple 和 ride elephants, only to find out later how ethically irresponsible these actions are. They almost always have some form of regret, 和 then tell people not to make the same mistakes themselves. If we could only break through to people before they undertake such activities, it would be a great success.

      它没有’t 真实ly matter how long you travel for, to where or how heavy your backpack is. As long as we travel responsibly 和 respect our environment the world will be a better place. There is no need for the whole, “I am a better 游客 than you” argument.

      非常感谢您的阅读和评论。旅途愉快,艾丽西亚。 --

    于尔根| dare2go

    I must confess I hate 真实ly 游客y sites for a number of reasons, the foremost is that I feel my ability to connect with the atmosphere of a place is being severely disrupted.
    I remember the distinct difference in visiting various Mayan ruin sites in Mexico. Chichen Itza 和 Tulum, where at any given time at least 12-20 游客 buses are lined up, where you have to funnel through lines of souvenir vendors to get into the place, where you sometimes have to 等待20分钟即可拍摄一张照片 of a beautifully detailed stone carving without some 游客 standing in front, where on narrow sections of the walkways you get pushed along 通过 the stream of people, unable to turn 和 look behind you, take in the perspective of the place from your current viewing angle.
    In contrast those hidden gems of ruin sites in the jungle, more difficult to reach, over 100 kilometers from the next 游客 town, like Bonampak 和 Yaxchilan, which we had almost to ourselves. Tranquility, you could hear the tropic birds screech in the trees, howler monkeys in the not so far distance (they fell silent as soon as the first small group of noisy Americans arrived “Isn’太棒了吗?哦,抢劫!站在那边,不远…”)。您可以坐在楼梯间的一半位置,不受干扰,欣赏下一个金字塔,从树顶上探出,让您的幻想想象一下生活在这样一个地方的照片,如此令人印象深刻的结构。和平与宁静使我们的访问更加深入,尽管我们可能花的时间少于奇琴伊察。
    所以我’d rather visit a place without well developed 游客 infrastructure, which don’不能使用三种或四种语言显示大量标牌,并且人群熙来tling往。相反,在这里我可以感觉到古老地方的魔力,并留下深刻的回忆,就像我对亚奇基兰的回忆一样。

      Lesh Jazza NOMADasaurus

      我们在奇琴伊察(Chichen Itza)也有同样的感觉,尤其是在完成了为期5天的长达130公里的危地马拉El Mirador徒步旅行之后。但是我们仍然喜欢在那里。迪登’t regret it for a second. Yes, it did feel a little bit like Disneyland with all the 游客s 和 stalls selling stuff, but it just made us appreciate the other 9 Mayan ruins we saw in a different light. Thanks so much for reading, Juergen.


    很棒的帖子!我觉得这绝对是人们不仅在谈论而且在争论的东西!像其他一些评论一样,我相信’是您如何表现自己,以及您想要从中得到什么。我认为这句话“Tourist” 和 “Traveller”只是人们试图对其进行更深层定义的简单英语单词。我同意这没有’无论您如何旅行,只要您在工作时保持尊重。如果您想去巴黎看看主要景点,那就去吧!如果您想在主要地区之外探索,对您有好处!我们倾向于彼此过多评判,并试图进行自我比较。我想,每个人都有。去探索最适合您的方式!

      Lesh Jazza NOMADasaurus




      Lesh Jazza NOMADasaurus



    这是一个很棒的帖子!我经常发现自己很难在旅行者/游客二分法和我对两者的看法之间找到平衡。它’容易归纳这两个组,并根据另一个对它们进行贬值。但是旅行就是旅行!我可以尊重任何对看到世界感兴趣并亲自实现世界的人 –即使他们这样做的方式与我的方式完全不同。但是,我认为我们感觉到问题的原因‘tourism’是参观另一种文化的更多负面特征–您列出了其中的一些–往往与‘tourist’类别比‘traveler’类别。我的一般观点是,我们应该尽力做到‘休闲人类学家’在旅行中,以尊重我们的文化和环境’在欣赏它所提供的惊人功能的同时。

    PS – I’刚刚发现了您的博客,而我’m a huge fan! You’重新激发灵感,您的旅程听起来真是不可思议!



      Lesh Jazza NOMADasaurus

      休闲人类学家!辉煌的名词!不能’t have put it better ourselves. We agree with every word you say, 泰勒. Thanks so much for reading, 和 真实ly glad to hear you are enjoying our blog. We appreciate the love 😀 Happy travels.



      Lesh Jazza NOMADasaurus



    那’s a big debate in the tarvelling community. I personally think that no matter if you are a 游客 on a short vacation or travel is your everyday life, what it matters the most is the behavior 和 how responsibly people travel.

    As you said 游客ic places are meant to be crowded so we shouldn’不要抱怨它,因为它’可以预见,我们应该充分利用它们,因为无论那里有多少人,这些地方仍然很美。我个人不’我喜欢人群,它们在某种程度上影响了我的整个体验,但是正如我在那些地方所说的那样’可以预期。那’s为什么我喜欢找到更多的偏僻地区,所以那是最好的! --

      Lesh Jazza NOMADasaurus





      Lesh Jazza NOMADasaurus

      究竟!当地人不’看着外国人说:“哦,小心那一个– he’s a 游客, unlike his mate who is a 游客”。只有其他旅行的人觉得自己有自己的名字。这只是一个好人。感谢您的阅读,杰克!

    We are all 游客s, no matter the journey or time constraints surely. I think we need to not concentrate any effort on distinguishing ourselves to be different, just live in the moment 和 experience where we might be fully. I enjoy reading your posts guys, you have such humour 和 insight.

      Lesh Jazza NOMADasaurus

      Thanks so much for reading our blog, 简. We 真实ly appreciate it 😀



    Hey Jazza, love this 文章! I think 游客s tend to be on shorter term journeys or vacations, whereas 游客s tend to be in it for the longer term 和 thus maybe have developed a mindset of trying to mesh more with their surroundings. But I do agree with 海伦e from above – it’主要是关于行为。一世’ve met both “tourists” 和 “travelers” who were just badly behaved, no matter what label they identify with. As to potential enjoyment of well-known 游客 attractions I think that how you perceive any situation depends on how you approach it 🙂 Walk in with an open mind 和 a positive perspective 和 you’几乎可以保证拥有更好的时间。

      Lesh Jazza NOMADasaurus



    区别?它’s very simple:
    游客s don’t know where they’ve been.
    旅行者唐’t know where they’re going.

      Lesh Jazza NOMADasaurus


    海伦(Helene Jermolajew)


      Lesh Jazza NOMADasaurus

      好点,海伦。行为是我们决定环游世界的最重要方面。听起来,当您在欧洲时,您(前)朋友没有考虑到这一点。谢谢阅读。 --



      Lesh Jazza NOMADasaurus



        提出一个很好的观点,只是因为某人可能没有机会长期退出’t mean they aren’在那里获得真实的体验。家庭,金钱,工作等所有这些事情都可能会影响您的长途旅行,但在他们拥有的2/3周内游玩有趣的地方,而不仅仅是击中西班牙的costas,这是公平的竞争。我们都应该尊重彼此的经历,你’是的,如果有值得一看的东西,那么您将不是唯一想到它的人。


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